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Hushabye by Rick Sparks
- posted by Gena on 8/20/2019

New age music fans have come to love the soft, dreamy music of Rick Sparks and his trademark sound featuring piano, string sections and soft angelic choirs doing wordless vocalizations. It is like jumping into a feather bed with a cumulus cloud as a pillow. Now Sparks is back with a new album of gentle lullabies, absolutely perfect new age music, titled HUSHABYE. This is extremely peaceful, relaxing music. The compositions (nine originals and two covers) can be used to calm children or help them go to sleep, make adults unwind after a long and stressful day, or serve as sounds to assist with meditation, prayer or contemplation. This is simply beautiful music that will make anyone’s day better.
Rating: Excellent
Seventh Chakra by Crystalline Dream
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 8/14/2019
Best new age album released for many years!
The best testimonial you can get for an album like this is from someone who has worked with the Chakra system for many years, and understands the nature of ambient new age music, so as a Reiki Master Teacher since 2005 and presenter of this style of music since 1998, I guess that qualifies me to say that this is one of the best albums, based on what could be described as the spiritual nervous system, I have heard for some 20 years.
Crystalline Dream aka Richard Ross has brought to the world something truly special here, for those of us who offer healing and understand this system, it is a total gem of an album that could be used not only for the benefit of others health, but for meditation for oneself too.
Listen to Sensual Waters, which features the incredible Peter Phippen on flute and you will see exactly what I mean, then allow yourself to be centred with such an illuminating offering like Inner Will, which features Korey Ross on guitar, making the whole composition so truly ambient and fluent.
The Cello of Dr Alex Kelly features on two tracks, one of them my favourite piece Inner Voice, a composition that enjoys its multi instrumental structure; the added vocalisations on this piece create a dream filled oasis of musical mastery.
I believe without hesitation that this is the best work so far by Crystalline Dream; Ross has manufactured 7 tracks of heavenly balance, and in doing so honouring the Chakra system at the same time.
Ross whose amazing talents stretch wide and far on flute, recorders, keyboards, and even vocals, will be remembered for Seventh Chakra, as possibly one of the best new age albums released for many years, it is without doubt a timeless classic indeed.
Rating: Excellent
Into Stillness by Cornell Kinderknecht
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 8/13/2019
Bring a little peace and clam into your life
I must say it is unusual for me to be writing about an album from Cornel Kinderknecht and it is a solo piano release, the flute for the time being has been put to one side as Cornell allows his muse to create a little piano improvisation for us all to relax and chill to.
I have a belief that when we play in an improvisational style, we’re in fact connecting with our higher musical selves, and what comes out is really heartfelt and moving music. The artist has done just that here on this album, and the tracks just flow so beautifully, from the beginning offering of For You, into the moving and slightly sorrowful With the Storm, one of my favourites and then back out into the light of a New Day, with its airy and happy refrain.
I remember watching the artist post these on social media, giving his audience a live moment to quieten their minds and be calm, and it seemed to be a very popular move; I would probably have chosen the electronic piano of Ocean of Stars, something I see most nights in summer when I take my midnight swim in my pool, or perhaps another one of my favourites Beyond Space and Time, a composition tinged with a little reflection, but one that has such a depth of tone and fluency, that it manifests a vast vista to get lost within.
Cornell Kinderknecht has brought something into the world with Into Stillness that us utterly marvellous, he has seized the day, or should that be night, and brought to our musical tables something so very special, an invitation to the workings of his magical musical muse, and this sojourn of solo piano has to be completely recommended to anyone who really wants a little moment of peace and calm in their lives.
Rating: Excellent
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