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 Top Recordings for March 2016
 Title: Transmigration...A Journey With Friends
Artist: Al Jewer & Andy Mitran
Label: Laughing Cat Records
Score:  10.03

2(3) There Was a Time - Kathryn Kaye - Overland Mountain Music 8.43
3(17) Distant Horseman - Timothy Wenzel - Coyote Floe Music 8.32
4(66) Elysian - Lynn Yew Evers - In-Concert Productions 7.48
5(23) Guy Buttery - Guy Buttery - Self Released 7.13
6(5) Journey Home - Raphael Groten - Silent Wing Records 6.97
7(--) Prayers for the Water - Heather Houston - Gita Records 6.75
8(7) Gratitude - Joe Heinemann - Self-Released 5.63
9(43) Altered States - Uma (Uma Silbey) - Airo Audio 5.33
10(--) Reversal of Thought - Forrest Smithson - Reversal of Thought 4.47

111Unbroken DreamsJosefine and Trine OpsahlHeart to Heart Records 3.47
1212Celtic Fairy Lullaby2002Galactic Playground Music 3.33
1375Between Shadow and LightNeil PattonSelf Released 2.77
149ConvergenceKaren OlsonSoundvue Records 2.58
1510The Naked Piano: TransitionsGary GirouardGalileo Records 2.50
1626Royal Harp StringsClaire JonesSilva Screen 2.23
1711Keepsakes In The AtticJeff BjorckPure Piano Music 2.20
182Beyond the ClearingRobert LintonOctober Moon Records 2.03
1915Heaven CondensedCraig PadillaSpotted Peccary Music 1.92
2014Earth From AboveSverre Knut JohansenSpotted Peccary Music 1.85
2139Adore: Classical and Romantic World GuitarJoseph SullingerSoundship Music Records 1.77
2216Asia BeautyRon KorbHumbledragon 1.67
2324Liquid Mind XI: Deep SleepLiquid MindReal Music 1.63
246Butterfly RaptureBrian KellySkyLight Music 1.60
2513Sensuous ChillYanniSony 1.45
2630Fall Into WinterBryan CarriganPeonies Music 1.28
2720Eight WindsBob ArdernSelf Released 1.27
2733Inner PassionPeter Kater and Tina GuoHearts of Space 1.27
2755abendromenTom EatonRiverwide Records 1.27
3027Dark Sky IslandEnyaReprise Records (Warner Music) 1.13
31--EternaDavid W DonnerHeart Dance Records 1.10
3262Quiet Piano Improvisations Volume 1Greg MaroneyHen House Records 1.05
3319Moon and ShadowsBarbara HillsHouse in the Wood Productions 1.03
34--Signature - SynchronicityFiona JoyLittle Hartley Music 1.02
34--Time and AgainBob Kilgore w/ BearWeaseltrap Records 1.02
34--Land of GoldAnoushka ShankarDeutsche Grammophon [Universal Music] 1.02
3728Falling Water Shimmering StringsChris HaugenReal Music 1.00
384Atma BhaktiManish VyasNew Earth Records 0.98
38--Colors in the DiaryMarika Takeuchi 0.98
4041EncantadoJim StubblefieldNatural Elements Records 0.95
4121Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New WorldRobert SlapHighpooch Music 0.93
41--Beautiful And Powerful PianoAttila GibsonSelf Released 0.93
4335Dawn TreaderChronotope ProjectSpotted Peccary Music 0.92
44--All Is One - One Is AllGandalf w/ Various ArtistsReal Music 0.90
4547Dividing the DarknessSteve RiveraSelf Released 0.88
4536Safe in Your ArmsScott CossuHeart Dance Records 0.88
4743The AscentAmy FaitheSelf Released 0.87
4722Starlight StarbrightCandice NightMinstrel Hall Music 0.87
49--A Bridge BetweenCarbe and DurandStrange Tree Productions 0.77
5066Across The WaterBill LeslieGreycliff Music 0.75
5055Green Isac OrchestraGreen Isac OrchestraSpotted Peccary Music 0.75
5233NocturnalLisa HiltonRuby Slippers Productions 0.73
5318IIAndy IorioSelf Released 0.72
5432Subcontinental DriftSultans of String w/ Anwar KhurshidMcKhool 0.68
5430The Sleepwalker's OceanForrest FangProjekt 0.68
5660In These StormsDave PrestonDave Preston Music 0.67
5669The Blue StarMingoSonarweb Communications 0.67
5847Reiki Hands of LoveDeuterNew Earth Records 0.65
59--Still VoiceJohn GregoriusSpotted Peccary Music 0.63
60--Saving Cecil's PrideV/ARadHaus 0.60
60--Beyond the Horizon 2 - Mystical WorldPatrick KellyMG Music Ltd. 0.60
6046Sky Before a StormGareth Laffely w/ Laura SullivanSelf Released 0.60
6041Global Force3rd ForceBaja/TSR 0.60
6484Blue RadianceErik WølloProjekt 0.58
64--IdentityHelen Jane LongBLE Music Records 0.58
66--Yoga MeditationsSayamaReal Music 0.57
6639GlimpsesHaiku (The Haiku Project)Real Music 0.57
68--My BelovedMichael DulinEquity Digital 0.53
6847Moth in FlamesPaul EllisSpotted Peccary Music 0.53
7059March of the TimeshiftersSensitive ChaosSubsequent Records 0.52
7147Eye of The WizardDeborah MartinSpotted Peccary Music 0.50
7271Rhythms Of The NightDouglas Blue FeatherSpirit Hawk Records 0.47
7362Skeleton KeysSteve RoachProjekt 0.45
748Surrounding SkyAl Jewer and Andy MitranLaughing Cat Records 0.42
75--Castle MoonJoseph AkinsHeartSong Music 0.40
75--Bloom RoadDan KennedyMt. Pollux Music 0.40
75--Urban Metta, Vol. 1AnaamalyPlanet27music 0.40
7878GracePaul AvgerinosRound Sky Music 0.38
7983Radio GodGet TribalGet Tribal Music 0.37
7982Water and LightLoren EvartsOtter Records 0.37
79--All the TimeCsillagkodSpotted Peccary Music 0.37
8236Flute FlightSherry Finzer and Mark HollandCedar 'N Sage 0.35
8286JuxtapositionRon Boots & John KerrGroove Unlimited 0.35
82--Emotions RevealedSteve RoachTimeroom Editions 0.35
85--Renewed BrillianceBalustrade EnsembleSelf Released 0.33
85--Moment At DawnCharles DenlerGrumpy Monkey Music 0.33
85--Copper - Metallic 2Paul EllisSelf Released 0.33
85--Echoes of the DreamtimeMiranda Lee RichardsInvisible Hands Music Limited 0.33
8586Let's Get LostCyrille AimeeMacAvenue 0.33
85--DiscoveryDavid HollandsworthSelf Released 0.33
85--Walking on SeaRadio Massacre InternationalNorthern Echo Recordings 0.33
85--Voyage of the SoulFrederic DelarueFrederic Delarue Productions 0.33
8586Songs from Within 2Mark HollandCedar 'N Sage 0.33
85--Sacred AllianceAnimaAnima Sound Productions 0.33
85--The VillageBing SatellitesBFW Recordings 0.33
85--Lux Vivens: The Music of Hildegard von BingenJocelyn Montgomery & David LynchMammoth 0.33
85--The ChaseNick FinzerOrigin Records 0.33
85--Planet RedJack HertzAural Films 0.33
85--Liquid MoonJim OttawaySelf-Released 0.33
85--PetalsElephant RevivalEvolving Records 0.33
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