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Just who is KevOz, you might ask? First off - I'm a husband, a dad to a rescue dog, and a world traveler. Oh - and, I make music! I'm an independent artist who creates instrumental music ranging from softer, relaxing New Age (think: Vangelis, Yanni) to more upbeat Electronic (think, again: Tangerine Dream, Mannheim Steamroller). I like to call it innovative instrumental music that is beyond genres. I've always had a deep love of music in all forms, but got hooked on creating my own tunes with synthesizers due to the awesome variety of sounds that they allow one to create. I've been doing this for over 30 years now - but it wasn't until the turn of the millennium when I decided to get my music "out here" for all of you to hear.

What started out as a hobby in those early years has become a passion. And nowadays, my music has been purchased, downloaded, and/or streamed from all corners of the globe. It still never ceases to inspire me when someone new downloads just one of my songs. I'm thankful for it every day.

Apparently, there are others who have taken notice, too. During my musical journey, I've somehow managed to be profiled in Keyboard Magazine as their "Unsigned Artist of the Month". iTunes actually placed me in their "iTunes Essentials: Yoga" compilation. And, most recently, Tokyo Disneyland has been featuring my Christmas music over the past several holiday seasons in Tomorrowland - and in a nighttime laser light show beamed onto Space Mountain. Pretty cool, huh? I think so. :)

I reside just outside of Chicago...enjoying life, love, and music. I'm currently working on album #14 (yes, I still call them albums sometimes!) - to be released mid-2016. And I plan to "keep on keeping on" with this as long as I am able. I'm happy you're here for the ride.


"Breezy tunes with infectious beats and lots of "sunny day" attitude. The man can definitely compose a wickedly catchy hook!" - Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

"The music is consistently upbeat and overflowing with the joy of discovery. Many of the pieces have the high energy of Mannheim Steamroller and the whimsical humor of Ray Lynch." - Kathy Parsons,

"The best "Hearts of Space" program you"ve never heard. I would love for this to be part of a spa or yoga studio's play cycle." - Fan Reviews

"We here at 'Wings' with Angel and Brian are totally enamored with KevOz's music. The best relaxation music we have had in a long dry spell!" - "Wings" with Angel and Brian, WFCF 88.5 FM

KevOz's Official Website:

Threshold Studios (Crystalline Dream)
Threshold Studios is the home of the Solovey Music Label for Crystalline Dream.
Richard Ross (AKA Crystalline Dream), composer, production sound mixer, audio post production engineer, sound designer, and flautist, holds a Masters Degree in Music Composition from the University of Oregon at Eugene with an audio engineering background.
Richard has done production sound, audio post production, and sound design for more than 40 film, TV, and Radio projects and engineered and mastered many audio recordings.
Threshold offers:

Full Service Music Recording and Production
Final Mastering
CD Production Services
Master Disc Preparation
Content Distribution Assistance
2.1 / 5.1 Surround Mix
Audio Post Production for Film / Video
ADR / VO / Looping Room

For more information please email:, phone (707) 570-6548, or visit us on the web at

Bryan Carrigan / Precision Sonics
Bryan Carrigan is an American music producer, engineer, and electronic musician that has been involved in the production of studio albums and film scores. Bryan is a voting member of NARAS (the Grammys) since 1999 and has been involved in multiple Grammy nominated and winning albums and holds over a dozen gold and platinum awards. Carrigan has also been involved in 3 albums that have topped the ZMR/NAR charts winning 6 awards, including 3 albums of the year and produced an album that reached the top 10 on Billboard's New Age Chart.

Located in the Los Angeles area and with relationships and access to some of the greatest studios and session players in the world, Bryan can produce and engineer your next project. For clients who aren't local to LA - mixing, mastering, production and drum / synth programming by trading files online is a very successful and cost effective way to work.

email contact:

Russell Suereth
Electronic-keyboardist Russell Suereth promotes universal spirituality with his heartfelt original instrumental music that blends new age sounds and world-fusion rhythms as heard on his third album, Spiritual Haven.

"I believe people all over the world need spiritual havens," explains Russell. "Of course some people find this in physical places such as churches, temples or sacred sites, but with the right mind-set it can also be in a car, on a couch, in your home or in an office. Music can help people find and connect with their spirituality, which, in turn, can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a fuller sense of well-being." Russell is also the creator of Music of Spiritual Places, a video series that focuses on spiritual places around the globe.


A chart-topping, award-winning Canadian singer, composer, producer, yogi, activist and author, Parvati has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, BPM TV and CBC Radio. Her live shows have been televised nationally in Canada. She has performed at Madison Square Garden (NYC), Earls Court (London) and the former Club Maria (Berlin). Her electrifying stage presence brings to life for audiences a brilliant field of interconnection and a clear, unwavering message of love for self, others and our planet.

Inspired by the symphonic sounds of Nature, the laughter of the Buddha and the sound of the human spirit, Parvati composes and produces texturally rich electronic soundscapes, angelic vocals, powerhouse dance anthems and pop songs that carry a profound and timeless message about life in the positive possibilities.

Parvati's song "I Am Light" was written following her medically miraculous recovery from a paralyzing spinal injury and is being released this fall. The creative intention in the composition, inspired by the Buddhist Heart Sutra and prayer for enlightenment, is to turn our attention towards the eternal light that we all already are, beyond any sense of duality. From this place, we have all come. To this place, we are all returning.

"Parvati brings much needed consciousness to the dance floor and she does it on multiple levels."
- Tom Silverman, pioneer of Hip Hop, Tommy Boy Records and The New Music Seminar


Ron Korb
Ron Korb

is an artist that has been around for years making music.

Catherine Duc

Catherine Duc's music is a blend of Celtic and world melodies with contemporary electronica rhythms, atmospheric soundscapes and ambient vocals. From Australia, she started her musical journey from a young age with keyboard and classical piano and later studied music arrangement, live recording and production. She also has a Diploma in Film Music Composition from The London School of Creative Studies.

Catherine's latest album "Voyager" was mastered by renowned engineer Patricia Sullivan, who has mastered soundtracks for top Hollywood composers such as John Williams and Hans Zimmer.

Catherine has received several international music awards including:
- Finalist, Instrumental category, Music Oz Awards at Sydney Opera House (2012)
- Nomination, New Age category, Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2011)
- Best Instrumental Artist, Best Instrumental Producer, Toronto International Music Awards (2008)
- Best Instrumental Artist, International Online Music Awards (2007)
- Instrumental Artist of The Year, 16th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards (2006)
- World Music Nomination, Just Plain Folks Music Awards (2006)


"An amazing amalgam of Ambient, Celtic and World themes. This is animated waves of beauty and light and fire."
- R.J. Lannan, New Age Reporter

"There are many things to admire on this disc, not the least of which is Duc's self-assured way with her arsenal of synths, her production and engineering (which are first rate), and her ability to bring cohesion to the album despite the existence of variety from track to track."
- Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire

Official Website:
Purchase: iTunes,Amazon

Michele McLaughlin
Musical Storytelling to Inspire and Excite the Imagination...

Michele McLaughlin is a Contemporary Solo Pianist & Composer. She has released fifteen albums, many of which have received multiple nominations and awards, including "Album of the Year", "Song of the Year" and "Top Picks". Her newest album, Undercurrent, debuted at #5 on the New Age Billboard Charts. Her original solo piano compositions are often described as "musical storytelling" and are haunting and contagious, relaxing and beautiful, peaceful and touching, energetic and inspiring. Her music is a regular favorite on Pandora Radio and is a bestseller on iTunes and Amazon, often landing her in the Top Ten New Age Charts. You can listen to Michele online via Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Pandora Radio, iTunes Radio, Spotify, XM/Sirius and Music Choice Soundscapes. Michele performs and tours regularly and runs her own in-home concert series in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"McLaughlin is what I refer to as a "heart on her sleeve" composer, i.e. there is no subterfuge, no subtlety at work in her music - she presents her emotional intent of a song forthwith and front and center. It's a testament to her considerable talent that this baring of her soul always works so well, because in the hands of a lesser talent, the music would be melodramatic, overly self-conscious, and would grow tiresome. However, it's not just her technique and artistry, which is impossible to ignore, but also her artist's soul, which seems woven into every piece of music she writes. No matter how pyrotechnic she can be (and this woman can really play piano with the best of 'em), there is always the presence of heart, sometimes "in your face" and sometimes between the lines, but never hidden behind artifice."
- Bill Binkelman - Wind & Wire and Zone Music Reporter


Find Michele on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & Pandora

Lisa Downing
LISA DOWNING - Interpreting Human Experiences through music! Lisa is a multiple award winning, international composer, concert and recording artist who is re-defining the genre of solo piano. As she plays her heartfelt and technically impressive original compositions, your soul will be touched, your memories revived and your deepest thoughts can be heard as you listen to Lisa expressing shared human experiences through the piano.

Lisa is a compelling storyteller as she describes the inspiration for the music she writes for piano. She is the Great-Granddaughter of an African slave and her ancestery also includes the American Indian Choctaw/Chicasaw tribes of the Southern states. Her poly-ethnicity provides her with a truly unique perspective regarding culture and she reveals her own brand of personal spirituality. Lisa's description of her compositions create parables that will reach far into the hopes and fears of each listener's experience - revealing the true unity of human nature.

Lisa performs all over the world with Grammy Award winning musicians such as Liz Story, David Lanz, Suzanne Ciani, and Peter Kater, to name a few. From the majestic Cap Vermell Cultural Center for the "First International Pianists of the World" tour in Mallorca, Spain to the historic Teatro Independencia in Mendoza, Argentina and right here in the United States, Lisa's audiences are entranced by the intense music that describes our lives!

Her CDs have won multiple awards including ZMR Holiday Album of the Year in 2010 and ranked in the top 5 ZMR Albums for worldwide airplay in it's genre. Lisa's album "A Delicate Balance" was up for Grammy nomination in 2010 and her newest CD, "The Wisdom of My Shadow" is due to be released in 2013.

Management / Marketings
Little Hartley Music
Little Hartley Music has a collection of content partners and associations with Australian and Asian companies and are now extending opportunities to ambient musicians from around the world. We represent New Age, Neo Classical, Smooth Jazz, World Music, and Easy Listening musicians by sending their music to companies who play, programme, licence, distribute and even purchase ambient genre music.

Our reach is unique not only by its isolation, but also, Australia's major trading partner is Asia. Servicing this market works well because of the clear connection in trade and business agreements between the two regions.

There are over 1,200 cafes, restaurants, shopping centres and retail outlets that rely on us for material to programme as well as 14 airlines, one TV station and over 100 radio stations (both commercial and community).

We have contacts with reviewers, magazines and newspapers and we even register your title on almost every retail computer in Australia as back-up if your regular distribution channels are not working in this territory.

Examples of recent success: Features on multiple airlines, playlist inclusions at Sydney Opera House, shopping centres & cafes, Digital licences in Korea, Album licences to manufacture in Taiwan, a recent shipment of Cds to China, airplay on Aussie radio....etc.

Australia alone is not a massive market by comparison to the USA, but it is the launching pad to China and Asia and that is the biggest future market and the most lucrative for performing artists.

Australia is also unique because we have regional ABC stations paying closer to commercial rates for airplay. Our radio campaigns have a good main stream reach (and pay).

Little Hartley Music is happy to facilitate these opportunities for you, please contact Annette (Dunnie) Crossley or Fiona Joy via our website or email for a copy of the promotional options.


Vision Quest Entertainment
With over thirty years experience in the entertainment industry, Vision Quest Entertainment offers you a customized approach to artist development, management and YOU can be heard!

You are a musician because you love to create music, but find yourself overwhelmed by a constant tsunami of marketing decisions.

Vision Quest Entertainment provides a network of experienced, trusted experts who will reveal your exceptional talent through coaching, image and style development, recording, production, photography, music videos, website design, and social marketing.

When you call today, Vision Quest Entertainment will help you rediscover that creating and sharing music is your primary ambition. We can help you with all the rest -- So You Can Be Heard.

Publicist / Public Relations
The B Company
The B Company is a PR & Marketing firm specializing in New Age, Instrumental and Contemporary music and marketing. As a conscious entertainment company, we strive to work with artists, partners and fellow promotional companies who share our positive vision and values.

In this cyber-age of cookie-cutter campaigning, Beth and her team pride themselves on working closely with artists to develop effective campaigns custom tailored to each artist's goals, whether it be a new release, increased name awareness, touring, sponsorships or special products. The company works with many ZMR Award winners and Grammy-nominated clients; current and past clients include Arun Shenoy, Danny Wright, Al Conti, Will Ackerman, Fiona Joy Hawkins, AOMUSIC, Steven Halpern, Tron Syversen, Lia Scallon, Torben Thoger, Suzanne Doucet, Ann Licater, and Ola Gjeilo among others. As a part of our unique approach, we help to coordinate your entire team's efforts, for a truly holistic campaign that gives you the very most buzz for the buck!

Beth's experience includes developing and managing the Strategic Promotions department for Warner Music Group, which encompassed PR, New Media, Sponsorship, and TV/Film licensing. As president of The B Company, Beth Ann Hilton has produced results for record companies, managers and indie artists by creating promotional partnerships that generate positive publicity. Nettwerk Records, MovieTunes, SHOUT! Factory, NonProfit Music, Orange Peal Records, AO Music and Al Conti are just some of the clients Beth has paired with partners such as, NASCAR, IMAX, YouthAIDS,, HavServe and Spa Buzz. In 2006, the company expanded to include a broader scope of content creation, online marketing, social media, and publishing services. In 2012, we were delighted to celebrate our 10-year Anniversary.

You are welcome to contact Beth Hilton at for a free phone consultation, explore our website at, or follow us on Facebook at

Radio Promoters
Creative Service Company Promotion
Creative Service Company Promotion specializes in MUSIC MARKETING, specifically RADIO PROMOTION (airplay) plus MUSIC PUBLICITY (album reviews and media coverage) for NEW AGE, WORLD-FUSION, NEO-CLASSICAL, NATIVE AMERICAN and RELATED GENRES (including instrumental and vocal projects). We also promote recordings encompassing space music, ambient, meditation, spiritual, soft electronica, solo acoustic, gentle-jazz, nuevo flamenco and Latin-style guitar, gentle-prog-rock, completely synthesized, ethnic instrumentation, Celtic, avant-garde/progressive, orchestral, acoustic-and-electronic mixed ensemble, chant, soft adult vocals or vocalizations, and chill. Our focus is on airplay, but we give you a small, targeted publicity campaign to written-word media at no additional cost. We have taken all of our clients' albums into the Top 15 percent of the ZMR Chart. We contact syndicated and satellite radio companies, stations, channels and specialty shows. We hand-pick our mailing lists to focus on the best media.



More information (including client lists and testimonials) is available at our website (
For additional information, budgets and scheduling, contact Randall Davis at 719-548-9872 or

New Vision Promotion
New Vision Promotion offers radio promotion as well as retail promotion packages for record labels and independent artists within the New Age, Instrumental, and World genre. Whether a new artist or seasoned artist, we have promotion services that can help further their career. Our company can also work with almost any budget. Our clients benefit from
    1) lots of individual attention, and our over 10-years of experience
    2) free assembly and processing of mail-out packets
    3) low, affordable rates.
RS Promotions
RS Promotions is run by musicians That Understand the music business from many angles, and offers New Age and World Musicians a variety of wireless options and promotional campaign, setting us apart others. Our artists Have Placed highly in the ZMR Top 100 Charts, Have Been Chosen as Echoes CD of the Month, and Have Been Awarded Album of the Year by One World Music. We Have placements on the top music streaming channels, Sirius XM: such as Spa Channel, Music Choice Soundscapes, and more. Our goal is to help artists gain exposure for Themselves and Their music, and to see to monetary Their return on promotional investment with affordable rates. Some of our "a la carte" options include Radio Campaigns, creative writing services, web design, music video services, and distribution Through the Heart Dance Records label. Our clients are featured artists on the Live 365 Heart Dance Radio Show, and Their music video are featured on the Heart Dance Radio playlist on Youtube.

Visit our website at:
Phone: 602-903-0348
Address: 1334 E Chandler Blvd Ste 5C-29
Phoenix, AZ 85048

Recording Studio / Producers
Bryan Carrigan / Precision Sonics
Bryan Carrigan is an American music producer, engineer, and electronic musician that has been involved in the production of studio albums and film scores. Bryan is a voting member of NARAS (the Grammys) since 1999 and has been involved in multiple Grammy nominated and winning albums and holds over a dozen gold and platinum awards. Carrigan has also been involved in 3 albums that have topped the ZMR/NAR charts winning 6 awards, including 3 albums of the year and produced an album that reached the top 10 on Billboard's New Age Chart.

Located in the Los Angeles area and with relationships and access to some of the greatest studios and session players in the world, Bryan can produce and engineer your next project. For clients who aren't local to LA - mixing, mastering, production and drum / synth programming by trading files online is a very successful and cost effective way to work.

email contact:

Will Ackerman

Will Ackerman is the founder of Windham Hill Records and producer of numerous Gold and Platinum recordings including those by George Winston and Michael Hedges.

Will is available as a producer. Three of his productions reached #1 on the NAR radio charts in 2007. His Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont, a facility of unsurpassed quality and beauty, is also available for musicians seeking the ultimate place to create musical dreams.

You may contact Will directly at
Or call his office 207-929-5777

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