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ZoneMusicReporter offers all Artists, Labels and Promoters a variety of promotional services including:

Artist Subscription Services - these include our Marketer and Monitor Subscription packages.  These packages are designed for both the independent self-marketer or for the professionally promoted artist who would like to keep track of how their radio promotion is proceeding.

Web Site Sponsorships - this option is available to all promotors, record labels or anyone interested in supporting the efforts of ZoneMusicReporter.  Sponsors receive special recognition as a patron of ZoneMusicReporter and of the New Age Industry in general.

Web Site Advertising - advertising space is available on ZoneMusicReporter.  We offer both banner advertising and our "Featured Artist" spot on our front page. There is a discount on advertising for all Subscription holders.

These services and packages are the life-blood of ZoneMusicReporter and your support in these areas will allow NewAgeReport to continue to expand our offerings giving you the artist, you the label and you the promoter a first-class presence on the web for both industry information and for the general public as well.  


Artists Subscriptions

From the independent self-marketed to the professionally promoted artist , knowledge is power and as far as knowledge on how your radio play promotional efforts are going these subscription services are invaluable.  For radio air play information and visibility to the people that can actually feature your music on their radio shows, is the place to be.


Do You Know The Following About Your Current Promotion?

  • Who is playing your music on the radio?
  • Who isn't playing your music on the radio?
  • How do you know whom to thank for giving your music airplay?
  • Whom do I contact or send promotional material to get airplay?

If you are serious about getting your music broadcast to as broad an audience as possible, one of our subscriptions should be a part of your overall promotion plan.  These services will give you a window into how the your radio promotion efforts are proceeding. has two subscription levels available today with a third level currently in the works.  To view the benefits of these plans, click on the links below:


Monitor - $100.00/yr. (USD)   (Click here for more details and order info)

Our base MONITOR subscription provides you with information that you need to help you understand the Who, Where and How Often your music is being aired on the radio on a monthly basis.  We believe this information is invaluable to you and will significantly improve your ability to effectively monitor your marketing efforts.



MARKETER - $200.00/yr. (USD)  (Click here for more details and order info)

In our MARKETER subscription level, we now offer a comprehensive on-line listing of contact information for all radio stations currently reporting to  This list is growing and all information is kept evergreen and up-to-date.  You can not get this targeted, continually updated contact information anywhere but at  The hours of effort to compile and verify this information yourself makes the cost of this service a real bagain.


If you are serious about improving the way you track the promotion of your music, these services offer you real-time information on how your efforts are proceeding.  Even if you are paying a radio promoter to push your latest CD, our artist specific information will give both you and your promoter as broad a picture as possible as to how those efforts are proceeding.


We want to help you further your career and we firmly believe the real-time information we can provide you is a key to your future success. If you can justify the cost of a Super Grande Cafe'Mocha everyday, downsize to a Grande and invest the rest in your music's sucess.





Record Label / Promoter / Industry Patron Sponsorships 


Sponsorships - $300.00/yr. 

We invite all record labels, promoters and industry patrons to become sponsors of  We know the information provided by is the life blood of your business and your sponsorship of will ensure the continuation of this vital service.

Sponsorships are available at a yearly contribution of $300.00. We believe that as grows and prospers, both you and the artist you represent will also benefit from our success.  Listed below are just a few of the benefits you will receive by becoming a sponsor of

  • Access to our accurate monthly Top 100 Airplay Chart
  • Ability to track who, when and how often the artist(s) you represent are being played on the air
  • Comprehensive Radio Contact information
  • Link to your website
  • Recognition as a proud sponsor of
  • Notification to your current and future artists of your commitment to the success of their music
  • Promotion of the New Age genera

Please help us, your artist and yourself be even more successful by becoming a sponsor of for only $300.00 per year.  We appreciate your support.

How to Become a Sponsor
You can order on-line here:   (secured by TM)

Or, you can use our Order Form to order by mail or fax. 

(Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. If your system is unable to view this file type you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe's website.   



Web Site Advertising advertising should be a part of your new CD release marketing plan.  We offer both Banner Ads and our prime Front Page "Featured Recording" AdWhere else can you advertise your new CD to a targeted audience of influential radio music programmers?  Nowhere but 

Our Front Page "Featured Recording" Ad has been extremely effective in announcing new releases to our targeted audience and has single handedly increased exposure far and above expectations.  Radio Music Directors and Show Hosts are constantly receiving new releases for airplay consideration.  Our "Featured Recording" Ad gives you a highly visible recognition edge to help set your CD apart.  Remember, the people you are sending your CD to visit this site on a monthly basis to submit their chart report.

You have spent a lot of time and money on your latest CD, but the critical part has just begun. An ad on will expose your latest CD to the people who can actually make a difference in its success.

Banner Ads Front Page "Featured Recording" Ad
  • Standard 468(w) by 60(h) pix size
  • Rotates on all site pages except the Front Page.
  • Banner Ad Graphics design available
  • Currently approx. 120,000 page views per mo.
  • 450(w) pix by 250 thru 450(h) pix
  • Prominent front page real estate
  • Rotation limited to 5 ads 
  • Flexible design features


Banner Ad  (USD)

Front Page "Featured Recording" Ad  (USD)

Months W/O Subscription Subscribers Discount (Monitor or Marketer Packages)) W/O Subscription Subscribers Discount (Marketer Package Only)































       Please Contact us to discuss placing your ad on


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