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    News & Notes
  • And The Winners Are: The winners of the ZMR 2014 Music Awards, as awarded in New Orleans on May 17, 2014.have been posted. Congratulations to all the Finalists! To view the Winners click here.
  • Congratulations David Wahler! His CD Spiritus placed Number One on the March 2015 Top 100 Chart.
  • RJ Lannan's latest CD reviews from The Sounding Board:

    Next by Jeff Oster
    With Evening Above by Jeff Pearce
    The Tides of Day and Night by Tigerforest
    Sacred Spaces by Peter Phippen
    Spirits by Erik Scott
    A Cold Wind Blows by Deborah Lyn
    Concerto of Dreams by Stephen Rhodes
    Where Did The Time Go by Neil Tatar & David Darling
  • Bill Binkelman's latest CD reviews from Binkelman's Corner:

    Forever Christmas by David Lanz & Kristin Amarie
    With Evening Above by Jeff Pearce
    Secret World by Doug Hammer & Amethyste
    Where Did The Time Go by Neil Tatar and David Darling
    Dreamtime by Cornell Kinderknecht & Martin McCall
  • Latest reviews by NewAgeMusicReviews

    Mind Heart Fingers by Trevor Gordon Hall
    MOKSHA by Ray Spiegel Ensemble
    Language Of The Soul by Steven Vitali
    Passionata by Denice Young
    Inner Circle by Peter Calandra
    Closer by Louis Colaiannia
  • Both Sides Now! RJ Lannan and Bill Binkelman have agreed to go one-on-one in our latest review board Both Sides Now Their contrast in style should make for some interesting reading. Thier latest reviews are:

    Wings II: Return To Freedom by 2002
    Forgiving Dreams by Damon Buxton
    Renaissance of Grace by Aurora Juliana Ariel
    Love Is Everythimg by Fumosonic
  • Due to the overwhelming demand for CD reviews, we have initiated a CD Review Policy. Click here to read.
  • Featured Recording Advertising Info
    Another Time, Another Place
    Robin Spielberg

    "Beyond brilliant... Robin had composed something here {In My Dreams} that deserves an award on its own, this is quite a wonderfully loving piece, that I admire and love deeply, because it truly moved me...her skills as a master musician have brought us, the grateful musical public, an album we can truly enjoy, explore and revel in, through time, many times over, a real album of great talent and quality"
    Rating=Excellent, Steve Sheppard - One World Music

    "Her piano touch is magical and her music a cut above that of most contemporary outstanding album."
    Kathy Parsons -

    "Robin Spielberg is a force to be reckoned with in this album. Swirling watercolors meet introspection and artfulness as her work captures the listener's imagination at every turn. Another Time, Another Place is an album I listened to again and again not once losing interest."
    Dana Wright - NewAgeMusicReviews

    "...she's outdone herself on this newest release... I give Robin a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as well as an "EQ" (energy quotient) rating of (a perfect) 5.00 -meaning that this one also gets the "PICK" of this issue for "best solo piano" release."
    Dick Metcalf - Improvijazzation Nation

    Available on: iTunes, Amazon, &
    Broadcast & Media Promotion: LAZZ Promotions
    Ed & Stacy Bonk
    Ph: (905) 470-1230

    NEW CD "Another Time, Another Place"
    FOLLOW: @robinspielberg on Twitter!

    Additional Featured Recordings
    Michele McLaughlin
    Spiritual Haven
    Russell Suereth
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  • Next by Jeff Oster
  • "When is jazz not jazz, but more? When the chilling strains of an instrument create not only the eerie vibe of continuous energy,..."
    - RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board
  • With Evening Above by Jeff Pearce
  • "The thing about multi-instrumentalist Jeff Pearce is that you never know which Jeff Pearce you are going to hear on the..."
    - RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board
  • The Tides of Day and Night by Tigerforest
  • "After hearing electronic band Tigerforest's latest endeavor, The Tides of Day and Night, I honestly thought I was stowed..."
    - RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board
  • A Thousand Springs by Adam Andrews
  • "This desire to help others through his music runs deep in Adam Andrew’s motivation. In his words, “I planned out song themes..."
    - Michael Diamond, General Member Reviews
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