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  • The 17th Annual ZMR Music Award process us underway! Qualifiers are currently shown on the qualifier page. We will be taking feedback on categories until Wed May 19th. Let us know if we missed something before it's too late to fix!
  • RJ Lannan's latest CD reviews from The Sounding Board:

    Every Moment by Joseph L Young

    Perspective by Helen Jane Long Electric Spirit by Eric Tingstad
    Song of the Sidhe by Lia Scallon
    One by Todd Boston
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    What We Hold Dear by Timothy Wenzel
    Rainbow Road by Nancy Shoop-Wu
    The Fall of a Sparrow by Timothy Crane
    Red Diamonds by Gina Lenee
    Scattering Stars by Michelle Qureshi
    Soothe by Shambhu
    Sisu by Jennifer DeFrayne
    Ethereal Escapes: Echappees Etheriques II by Merrill Collins
  • Jouneyscapes. Reviews by Candice Michelle Her latest reviews:

    Songs of Hope by David Wells
    Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries by Robert Thies and Damjan Krajacic
    Ethereal Escapes: Echappees Etheriques II by Merrill Collins
    What We Hold Dear by Timothy Wenzel
    Origin by Elise Lebec
    The Sentinel by Jonn Serrie
    Sipping Beauty by Tom Grant
  • Latest reviews by NewAgeMusicReviews

    Across The Water by Bill Leslie
    The Sunflower Waltz by Anne Trenning
    Under The Stars by Joanne Lazzaro
    Keys of Light by Dan Chadburn
    Love Language by Wouter Kellerman
    It's About Love by Karen Marie Garrett
  • Featured Recording Advertising Info
    Kelly Andrew

    REVELATION is unlike any album that you will encounter, unique among the endless genres of today's music. This album was written and produced especially for these uncertain times. It's a journey back in time, before history and beyond memory. An experience of mind, body and soul. An expansion of perception, grasp and awareness. This album is a labor of love, created to be a total invasion of the heart. The intent is to push the mind of the listener out to the far reaches of cosmic thought and into the unknown depths of unspoken reality. Come and join the pilgrims of time and space as we set aloft into the great serene mystery. Relax, listen and let go. Close your eyes and let your mind visualize the wonders of our existence. Float upon this vast river of energy into unexplored thought and intriguing possibilities. Feel the complexity and simplicity of sound. Experience the diversity and unity of life. Follow the vibrations of melody, harmony and rhythm and let your inner guide take you to where mind meets Spirit: where clear untarnished Truth, unimaginable Beauty and unbelievable Goodness converge with your Inner Light.
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  • Home Songs by Genevieve Walker
  • "Genevieve Walker’s debut was Walking Home. Six years ago, I discovered her music. With her babies grown into little people, she..."
    - Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews
  • Sapphire Oak by Sharon Fendrich
  • "With Sapphire Oak, Sharon Fendrich has created another stunning album of musical artistry, a remarkable follow-up to her..."
    - John Iverson, CKUW 95.9 FM Winnipeg, Canada, General Member Reviews
  • Opus 8 by Tim Neumark
  • "Tim Neumark's Opus 8 album includes original compositions that Tim released as singles between 2018 and 2021, two additional solo..."
    - Keith MuzikMan Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews
  • Sapphire Oak by Sharon Fendrich
  • "After her successful debut album in 2019, the phenomenal, “Red Sky Prairie,” I couldn’t help but wonder what would come..."
    - Dyan Garris, New Age CD Reviews
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