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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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Flute Flight
By Sherry Finzer and Mark Holland
Label: Cedar 'N Sage
Released 6/30/2015
Flute Flight tracks
1. Looking Through
2. Seasons of the Heart
3. Echo of Desire
4. Always a Dream
5. Illumination
6. From Afar
7. Luna's Dance
8. Sea of Stars
9. The Way
10. Reflection 2
11. Planetary Drift
12. Nature's Spirit
13. Into the Light
Ready For Take Off
They have different styles, but flautist Sherry Finzer (silver flute) and flutist Mark Holland (wooden flute) have blended their talents on a remarkable new album called Flute Flight. They cross tuneful boundaries and offer up some surprises on the recording of thirteen tracks of musical splendor. It is almost impossible to count how many flutes the duo uses on the album, but it results in limitless harmonies.

Sherry Finzer is a musician known for her echoing contemporary, chamber flute and New Age music while Mark Holland is a legend in Native American flute circles. Together they have produced music that soothes, heals and pleases the spirit, which I truly feel came about because of a welcome union of souls. The album is not just two flutes soaring above the heavens, it features light ensemble pieces that are contemplatively strong using keyboards, Tibetan Bowls, piano and percussion.

Looking Through is the music you hear when a door opens and offers up a unique opportunity. Learn all you can; for your knowledge will serve you well in the near future. The music is the beginning of the adventure, the first flight. The tune meanders quietly, but the melody is strong enough to be a true spirit guide.

Echoes of Desire, the longest track on the album started with a low Crystal Bowl note to fill the background as it swells gently to fill the senses. The flutes sing together, calling, answering, harmonizing. It was as if two lovers, each on distant hills, were communicating the sound of their love to each other. Sweet words responding with words sweeter still.

The recent blue moon was the perfect setting for the tune Luna's Dance. Legend says that Sister Moon travels in the sky for twenty days looking for her brother the Sun. When she finds him, she celebrates and, I believe that the music of Luna's Dance can be heard. Easy percussion and a pas de deux of brass flute and Low E flute balance perfectly in harmony.

By far, my favorite on the album is a tune called The Way. It opens with a few soft piano notes and then it expands into a quiet flight of fancy. Although the flutes take turns, they eventually sing as one voice and, to me, sings the sound of a prayer. It is the music of discovery. Just listen. You do not even have to leave your chair. Just relax and let the music guide you to something new and inspiring.

The aptly titled slow, subtle song Planetary Drift is a tune that at first I thought was out of phase with the rest of the album, but eventually it fit right in. The tempo is heartbeat slow, the phrase is minimal, but it creates quite a restful atmosphere.

The final cut is called Into the Light and it is a harmonious culmination of all the flights we have taken. The soft piano, the gentle tapping and the flutes blend together to offer a farewell on one hand, but offer up a new beginning on the other. We have finally stepped into the doorway.

The award-winning duo of Sherry Finzer and Mark Holland have a quintessential winner in their hands. Flute Flight is an unguent for the hearing senses and balm for the spirit. It is soothing on so many levels. I have played this album for days and I yet to tire from the swaying, drifting tones that are calming and meditative. If this be the medicine for an ailing spirit, then let me be healed.
Rating: Very Good   Very Good
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 8/14/2015
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