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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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A Theft Of Fire
By Tedd Arnold
Label: Earth Cat Records
Released 5/13/2014
A Theft Of Fire tracks
1. A Theft of Fire  
2. Pandora  
3. Out of The Box  
4. Creation  
5. Whispers of War  
6. Spiral  
7. Omen~Until Then  
8. Oracle Rising  
9. Symbol of The Tribe  
10. Kylix  
11. With Human Hands  
12. Balance  
May the Vestals Persist
Against the wishes of Zeus, Prometheus stole fire from Olympus and gave it to humans. He was then recognized as launching an age of enlightenment. But the gift was not free and Prometheus paid the price. The story is a favorite from mythology and now, thanks to electronic music artist Tedd Arnold we have the gift of music to add to the stories courtesy of his latest release A Theft of Fire. The album contains twelve tracks of dynamic, pulsing music that give a chronology to the ancient tales and beyond. Let us go back in time...

A Theft of Fire, the title tune has many phases in a short piece. There are the heavens; the heights of Mt. Olympus are ascended. Angelic voices sing the praises of the Gods. All is well.

Then, we are introduced to the first woman on Earth, Pandora. With a sense of lightness in the music and we meet Pandora, endowed with beauty, talent and goodness, and given to Epimetheus, Prometheus’ brother. Arnold offers us a sense of not only mystery, but also joy as the music plays. In the background, there is the slightest feel of trepidation. After all, Prometheus warned his brother not to accept any gift from the gods. The gods bestowed upon Pandora a box, which leads us to the next track.

Out of the Box is somewhat punchy, with a feel of great energy, right up to where the box is opened. Then the turmoil begins. Escaping into the world are plagues and terrors to afflict mankind. Strong percussion and deep bassy punctuation represent the turmoil. Lightning strikes and thunder rolls as the lid is hastily replaced, but it is too late.

Kylix is one of the more artful tracks on the album. A kylix is a broad earthenware drinking cup used in celebrations and Arnold’s music is a lighthearted celebration at this point. Plucked strings and horns are festive, the wine flows and stories are told. The kylix had a painted scene in the bottom that was not revealed until the drinker finished. What surprise does Arnold have in store for us?

The cut Oracle Rising is somewhat dark and turbulent. We enter the cave. Our rush light struggles against the darkness, but we finally hear and see... something. A gigantic shadow dances against the walls. A single torch hangs from the wall and we glimpse the seer. She is demure, but beautiful. Now if she will only reveal the words of the Gods to us.

The last song is appropriately called Balance. Flute and bass vie for the lead, but the achieve equilibrium. The balance is between heaven and earth, or maybe God and man and the music represents not so much as a statement, but a wish. There has always been friction between Gods and Titans and mankind has always been a pawn for them. Only history can recount the results.
Tedd Arnold is nicknamed the Earth Cat. He lives in Pittsburg, Pa. Arnold wears many hats, vocalist, composer, musician and lyricist. He has released two previous albums that have garnered much attention and a few awards and he has released several other albums with other bands. His electronic music has a distinctive signature that is both reverent and innovative.
Rating: Good +   Good +
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 8/22/2014
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