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 Top Recordings for August 2011
 Title: Journey Around The Sun: A Mayan Odyssey
Artist: Bill Wren & Frank Ralls
Label: Ponder Dust
Score:  10.50

2(5) ...and Love Rages On! - AOMusic - Self Released 9.18
3(4) Where I Belong - Sajjad - Self Released 8.95
4(2) Resonance - Takashi Suzuki - Calm Records 8.58
5(1) Autumn Sky - Blackmore's Night - Minstrel Hall Music 8.39
6(6) Angels of the Sun - Fred Thrane - Self Released 6.64
7(--) Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken and Heal - Lia Scallon - Sounds of Sirius 6.09
8(25) Carried Away - Janice Faber - Self-Released 5.09
9(3) Something Getting Wrong - Michael de Salem - Michael de Salem Music 4.65
10(7) A Thousand Years - Stanton Lanier w/ Jill Haley, Noah Wilding, Will Ackerman - Music to Light the World 4.38

118The Language of FlowersEric HarryCalm Records 3.44
1210PorcelainHelen Jane LongWarner Classics & Jazz (WCJ) 3.27
139Piano and LightBrian CrainSelf Released 2.47
14--From Out of the Vast Comes NearnessPaul EllisLotuspike 2.06
1511A Time of InnocenceKeith DriskillSelf-Released 1.85
1616AugustAmy LaurenA.L. Productions 1.80
1712Spiritual Piano: Message MusicSteven CSteven C. Music 1.71
1813Damayanti2002Galactic Playground Music 1.62
1923From the Dark Side of the MoonMary FahlSelf Released 1.58
2019Ancient CityHomeless Balloon24 Chillout Music 1.53
21--Dance Of The Shadow PlanetsJon DurantAlchemy Records 1.47
2224Erdenklang und Sternentanz (Earthsong and Stardance)GandalfPrudence Recordings/BSC Music 1.42
23--SurrenderJeff OsterRetso Records 1.26
24--Relaxing Melodies of NatureKenio FukeReal Music 1.20
2536Seeker After PatternsSensitive ChaosSubsequent Records 1.18
2526Many PathsLorrie SarafinLizard Dance Productions 1.18
2717Songs From BeforeFionnuala SherryHearts of Space 1.15
2830DvijaKevin KellerKevin Keller Productions 1.11
2922CollectionsBlow Up HollywoodSelf Released 1.03
30--Their Moment of Perfect HappinessCyberchumpInternal Combustion 1.02
3191Dreaming StillKathryn KayeSelf Released 1.00
3234World Without WallsAncient FutureCapitol Records - EMI Records 0.94
33--Healing Sound JourneyTerry Oldfield & SorayaNew Earth Records 0.92
34--MetamorphosesBob Kilgore w/ Bear and Sarah MorrisWeaseltrap Records 0.88
3436A Moment between EternitiesLouis ColaianniaSelf Released 0.88
3643Another Place and Time...Heidi Anne BreyerWinterhall Records 0.86
3740UnconditionalMarc EnfroySelf Released 0.85
3715Songs to the EarthAnnette CantorSource Being Productions 0.85
3921Music For Commuting [Volumes 1-6]Ken ElkinsonAugust Son Productions 0.82
4031Midsummer (2cd)Uwe Gronauconfido 0.76
4032The Shape of ThingsJosh JohnstonShandon Records 0.76
4014The Road EternalSteve Roach / Erik WølloProjekt 0.76
4351Sistema SubversiaDa CruzSix Degrees Records 0.73
4341IntangibleA Produce & Loren NerellHypnos Recordings 0.73
4538Journey's EndHoward FerréFerre Studios 0.71
4528UndergroundLisa HiltonRuby Slippers Productions 0.71
4739Throughout the Autumn LightRobert LintonOctober Moon Records 0.67
4820Timeless IIMichael DulinEquity Digital 0.65
4946From Night to the Edge of DayAzam AliSix Degrees Records 0.64
5086CompilationSteve TibbettsECM Records 0.62
50--Logical DriftLogical DriftNYCMusic 0.62
52--I Remember Michael: A Michael Jackson Solo Guitar TributeAdam RaffertyCrescent Ridge Publising 0.61
5229Subliminal PulseBruno SanfilippoLotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music 0.61
52--Sacred Love: Feel the JourneyShambhuAcoustic Shine 0.61
5551The Best Of Douglas Blue FeatherDouglas Blue FeatherSpirit Hawk Records 0.55
55--Amber DispositionsJohn DanleySelf Released 0.55
5557Handprints of Our PeopleAaron White & Anthony WakemanCanyon Records 0.55
5818ReflectionsKelly AndrewJourney Music Entertainment 0.53
5857Northern SeasAl ContiShadowside Music Publishing 0.53
60--A Gathering Of GuidesTim PachecoSolid Air 0.52
60--Sound PicturesAntoine DufourCandyRat Records 0.52
6227A Dimension ReflectedTime BeingLotuspike 0.50
6286Doorway to a DreamAnn LicaterCul de Sac Mystic Productions 0.50
6477a day within daysDarshan AmbientLotuspike - Spotted Peccary Music 0.47
65742Cellos2CellosSony Music Entertainment - Masterworks 0.45
66--Now and Then: Folk Songs for the 21st CenturyAlex de GrassiTropo Records 0.44
6669Heart's ReflectionsWadada Leo Smith's OrganicCuneiform Records 0.44
6664Passion, Fire & GraceGabriel Ayala & Will ClipmanCanyon Records 0.44
6642The Veil of WhispersThierry DavidReal Music 0.44
70--...and they have escaped the weight of darknessÓlafur ArnaldsErased Tapes Records 0.42
70--...and the B.L.T.'sCraig D'AndreaCandyRat Records 0.42
7057Glue WorksGosta Berlings SagaCuneiform Records 0.42
7368ImaginingsBill PerisonSelf Released 0.41
73--eQuinoxRalph ZurmühleHearts of Space 0.41
7344Live at SoundQuest FestSteve RoachTimeroom Editions 0.41
73--Peace, Love & LightPatrick BernardDevi Communications 0.41
7362Premiers Songes - Early DreamsConstantinople & Francoise AtlanAnalekta 0.41
7334Good SignDavolGIRA Sound 0.41
73603rd Eye RisingParadiso & Rasamayi5th Element Music 0.41
80--JammCheikh LôWorld Circuit Records 0.39
8053Nostalgia TrailsOne (Tino Izzo)Chacra Alternative Music 0.39
8077AvataraSteve BrandHypnos Recordings 0.39
80--AlchemyAtomic Skunk 0.39
80--Espirito Do BrazilCicilia KemezysSelf Released 0.39
8550What's it all aboutPat MethenyNonesuch Records - Warner Music Group 0.38
86--The Desert InbetweenSteve Roach and Brian ParnhamProjekt 0.36
8753Oriental SpacesHomeless Balloon24 Chillout Music 0.35
8774Spirit of the WorldTerry OldfieldNew Earth Records 0.35
8744Weaving WorldsLisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter 0.35
87--Message To The UniverseMerrell Fankhauser 0.35
9193The Harrow and the HarvestGillian WelchAcony Records 0.33
91--Sleeping With GiantsLemonchillRicochet Dream 0.33
91--Walking with MerlynLlewellynParadise Records 0.33
94--MehraabLoga Ramin TorkianTerrestrial Lane 0.32
94--Tribute to the Old TimersPipestoneCanyon Records 0.32
9693Warriors in the MistTha TribeCanyon Records 0.30
96--Silent Currents: Live at Star's EndErik WølloProjekt 0.30
96--For NihonV/A 0.30
96--Bali AgungEberhard SchoenerMIG Music 0.30
9683The Path of White CloudsNebulaeHypnos Recordings 0.30
96--Instrumental Hits Of Elton JohnDoug Smith 0.30
96--Roses At The End Of TimeEliza GilkysonRed House Records 0.30
9693Paper AirplaneAlison Krauss & Union Station 0.30
96--The Living TreeJon Anderson & Rick WakemanVoiceprint 0.30
9693Night SongKetil Bjørnstad / Svante HenrysonECM Records 0.30
9693Desert WindsLouis Colaiannia 0.30
96--EmbersHelen Jane LongBLE Music Records 0.30
96--Deep SpaceJohn StanfordWhite Cloud 0.30
96--ArcturusARCDiN 0.30
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