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IN by David Helpling
- posted by Robin James on 4/15/2022
A cinematic journey through the abyss and into the
David Helpling
Spotted Peccary Music

IN takes us from the infinitesimal to the infinite, a journey through the abyss and into the cosmos, sparkling symphonic cinematic electronica, primarily performed on electric guitar and keyboards, sometimes with vocals and sometimes with bowed strings. The feeling is of awesome wisdom and strength. IN was born from finding wonder in the tiniest of places, becoming a massive double album composed over ten years. This is notable as an epic effort for Helpling, and Spotted Peccary is supporting this project with as many formats as possible: double vinyl LP, double CD, Mp3, Apple Lossless, Immersive audio, Spatial Audio, all available singly or in a limited edition bundle.

David Helpling is a California based guitarist and keyboardist, recording artist and film composer specializing in ambient music and electronic music. He sonically embraces listeners with his signature guitar sounds and textures, crafted synthesizers, powerful percussive pulses and rich multi-dimensional recordings.

From the first track, "Waves Dream of Breaking" (7:32), we are a gull soaring wheeling and gliding over a big ocean, sensing the shore and sky, with amethyst, emerald and sapphire shades emerging as we soar above the realms of the sea. On the second track, "This Burning Sky" (7:20), vocalist Nidhi Bhatmuley represents cosmic energies and communication between worlds, with gentle ethereal vocals and percussive sensations, enveloped in flames, only to be reborn.

On the sixth track, Benjy Wertheimer plays the esraj: "The Bliss You've Always Carried" (8:00), includes a call and response in the ocean of divine light, woven fingers on electric guitar strings, and Matthew Schoening's electric cello vibrates resonantly, it glides through the watery mass, tension builds and the vista expands. "You Already Are" (6:42) leaves us marveling at these beauties of sea and sky.

Miriam Stockley adds haunting ethereal vocals to "Slipping" (8:00) and to "I Too Am Coming Home" (6:44), providing refreshing reassurance, strength, affirmation, prayers, supernatural portents, and sounds of angels; the mists are dispersed under the action of the sonic sun's rays.

1 Waves Dream of Breaking
2 This Burning Sky
3 Only What's Been Taken
4 Here All Along
5 Still As Stone
6 The Bliss You've Always Carried
7 Slipping
8 The Cold Distance Between
9 You Already Are
10 Following the Lines
11 Bending Towards the Night
12 In Waves of Fire
13 I Too Am Coming Home

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Rating: Excellent
Noctilucent by Jeff Greinke
- posted by Robin James on 3/19/2022
Night Clouds Shining
All of the sounds heard on Jeff Greinke's new album Noctilucent are electronic, made by keyboards with samples, forming textures and atmospheric presences. Noctilucent is a word used in meteorology to define a rare type of cloud phenomena, called night shining clouds, which occur in the upper atmosphere, higher than any other cloud. They exhibit tenuous wavy patterns, are silvery or bluish white, and are typically visible on summer nights in high latitudes.
Making music is by far Greinke's greatest passion, nature has informed and shaped this work in subtle but significant ways. He has a seemingly insatiable drive to be in the studio and work with sound. He puts a tremendous amount of care into this work, the joy of creating music brings out all the glorious colors of his beautiful range, deep blue and purple in the shadows of the peaks, green and brown where grass and rock mingle, and an endless perspective of jagged rock and pointed crags, until these are themselves lost in the distance, where the snowy peaks rise grandly over the desert gardenscape.
The overall mood is subtle, the sound is primed for interpretation, like the clouds, with a huge vista appearing solid while being gentle. The music possesses a quite extraordinary range of different timbres and vibrates along with the air inside it. "Unrest" (4:31), a sound heard when the falling sunset threw into strange relief the ghost-like clouds which amongst the hidden mountains seem to wind ceaselessly through the valleys.
An ocean is a body of water that composes much of a planet's hydrosphere, extraterrestrial oceans may be composed of water or other elements and compounds, and there could be evidence for the existence of oceans elsewhere in the solar system. "Of the Deep Sea" (5:02) brings purring leviathans and odd toothy monsters of huge sizes. In the distance, a bell, bobbing loose on the waves, sounding sometimes nearer and sometimes farther. For the track titled "Tunnel" (5:34), sounds emerge from the dark opening ahead. The tension beats like a railroad track, and luminous spectra are frequently seen. Here inside the mountain, impulse will always tremble at the sound of the hidden and fathomless worlds of strange life which may pulsate in the gulfs.
The title track, "Noctilucent" (5:43) provides a sense of granular motion, perhaps a distant foghorn glows, conditions which will produce one sound-color round the margin of the cloud, and that color mixed with others, and so giving rise to other tints, farther in; at this specific unfolding altitude -- the texture is very complicated.
The final track, "Undercurrent" (7:16), leaves us with views of the stars, galaxies, nebulae and clusters we look at during every season of the year. The light from the tiny lamps falls on all sorts of odd forms, as the rays cross each other, the opacity of our bodies throws great shadows, and they are gorgeous.
Composers sometimes seek new timbres, and Greinke is a time wanderer. There are no markings on the night sky, though there exist many sky maps to aid stargazers in identifying constellations and other celestial objects. All of the music heard on Noctilucent was composed, arranged, recorded and produced between May and October 2021 by Jeff Greinke at Another Room, Tucson, Arizona, and was mastered by Howard Givens, to be heard by any and all intrepid listeners by way of Spotted Peccary Music.
Noctilucent is available exclusively in digital format.

1 Unrest
2 Around the Corner
3 Of the Deep Sea
4 Into the Night
5 Tunnel
6 Sinking
7 Noctilucent
8 Refractions
9 Undercurrent
Rating: Excellent
Positano Songs by Will Ackerman
- posted by Robin James on 3/4/2022
Journey to Positano with Will Ackerman
Instrumentals, all steel stringed acoustic guitar music, played using fingertips in soothing patterns, imaginative and inventive breezes of beautiful melodies creating or discovering a completely unknown landscape. Will plays all the guitars heard on this album, and on some tracks he is joined – Charlie Bisharat plays the violin, Noah Wilding voices, Tom Eaton sometimes plays bass, sometimes plays piano, and sometimes bass with piano, Eugene Friesen plays the cello, and on track six, Jeff Oster plays flugelhorn.
A mix of the charming, iconic, and modern, with dreamy layered and intricate cycles, building and creating variations as they spiral slowly, "Nighttime in the Chapel" (3:17) sets the mood for the album. Next, the guitar is joined by violin and ethereal vocals. "Our Wedding Song" (4:05) is a very personal invitation expressed with the essence of guitars, violin, voices, and bass.
Legend has it that the three islets of Li Galli, set just off the shores of Positano and often referred to as the "Sirenuse", were inhabited by Sirens who attempted to seduce with their song all those who sailed nearby. "Did I Dream This" (5:02) is a slow meditation, with lots of pauses, and some ethereal vocals hidden in there with the guitars, cello, piano and bass.
In Greek mythology, it is believed that the cliffs above the Tyrrhenian Sea housed the four winds kept by Aeolus. "The Tyrrhenian Sea" (5:55) is a smooth instrumental, with guitars, cello, piano and bass portraying the shimmering light reflected on the vast water, with slow rolls and no whitecaps today, the vista soaring on forever.
Will's closing solo is a testament to Positano's rich history and culture, the brilliant yet calm sound of a fond memory, "I had To Go There" (1:34). To this day guitar music is in our lives every moment, all aspects of life are valued and celebrated, including spending time with family and friends, eating and drinking well, and appreciating beauty in all its forms.
From scenic hiking trails and pebble beaches to special friends and lilting guitar music, Positano has it all. If there were one most important thing to do, it would be to explore a passion into your life. Daily musical inspiration isn't just nourishment, it is life.
1 Nighttime in the Chapel
2 Our Wedding Song
3 Did I Dream This
4 The End of the Day
5 For Carmine
6 This is Where It Begins
7 The Tyrrhenian Sea
8 Passing Baldo's Tower
9 For Giovanni
10 I had To Go There

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Rating: Excellent
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