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Journeyscapes by Candice Michelle
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Lilac Skies
By Shambhu
Label: Acoustic Shine
Released 4/12/2019
Lilac Skies tracks
1. Lilac Skies
2. Unspoken Words
3. Dochas
4. Blue Whispers
5. Pondering When
6. Open Your Heart Sky
7. Dream Walk
8. Basis of It All
9. Inspired by the Night
10. Seeing You Again
Sure to be a summer favorite
Well-known among both jazz and new age music circles, acclaimed guitarist Shambhu amps up the pizazz on his latest album, Lilac Skies, which features some bluesier electric guitar licks alongside soothing acoustic ensemble arrangements. Playing lead guitar as well as bass and keyboards, Shambhu is joined throughout by a handful of guest musicians, who variably lend additional bass, drums, percussion, organ, keyboards, EWI, flute, lap pedal, steel guitar, and even vocals on one track. Melodically engaging and lively, yet perfectly suitable for relaxing and unwinding to, Lilac Skies beautifully conveys the blossoming colors and fragrances of the warmer seasons. Sure to be a summer favorite, the album will appeal to many lovers of both smooth jazz and contemporary instrumental music!
- reviewed by Candice Michelle on 5/13/2019
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