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Flute Medicine by Jan Michael Looking Wolf
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 12/7/2017
A panacea to cure all ills and ease the mind
For me the flute has to be one of the most spiritual instruments of all time, it can create a resonance so sweet and haunting, so tender, but poignant, and those words could accurately describe the latest Jan Michael Looking Wolf album Flute Medicine.
The light-hearted, but melodic piece called Verdi Harmony is but one arrangement of outstanding beauty you will sample. The multi instrumental nature of this album really adds a colourful depth to this marvellous release, just listen to my favourite song Raven Wind, and marvel at its mysterious, but magical nature.
Percussion is a vital ally of this album and on tracks like Jewel in the Lotus and Sacred Rain, that symbiosis between flute and drum can be heard in abundance.
Jan Michael Looking Wolf’s supreme skill on flute cannot be questioned, just listen to Wolf Totem, a traditional offering, but one that you could journey with ease to the lair of the Wolf with, while Healing Light has that spine tingling haunting quality that is truly emotive and will most certainly move you.
Flute Medicine is just that, here we have an album of flute based music, layered with a multi instrumentational nature, which will be a panacea to cure all ills and ease the mind into a place of blissful tranquility. This has to be a must buy album at all costs, one that will bring depths of sensitive beauty into your life.
Rating: Excellent
Global Skies by Timothy Cooper
- posted by Steve Sheppard on 11/30/2017
An album to raise the spirits
Timothy Cooper is a man after my own heart, a tireless traveller, one who loves to listen to people’s views and opinions from different cultures, he also has a passion to bring the world together through music, I seem to have heard that somewhere before as well. So with all the stars in alignment, let us take part in yet another masterful musical journey of the piano.
Our voyage begins with the thunderous Singapore Sunrise, I adored this beginning, and Cooper’s proficiency on the keys delivers a wonderful sculpture of tone that slowly increases in intensity, as the foot falls of the day take hold.
Prague Horizons is a smooth and fluent cascade of music that floats down past the cobbled streets and along the river walk ways, and is a shining example of artistry within music; Cooper’s performance literally takes you there with every touch of the keys.
There is an essence of melancholy within this piece that is so attractive, Cooper paints with darker colours on Geneva Moonlight Rainbow, and brings forth a memorable and reflective opus of something found and then lost, something so pure and loving, that seems to just withier away in the mists of time. The performance here is deeply moving and will make you want to hit repeat numerous times.
The descriptive narrative on Bangkok Rains is sublime; the artist creates a realm of ambience here in music that is truly rare. I found my thoughts focused on the trickling down notes and I watched the sunlight perform a symbiotic dance with my palm tree, I gazed upon a November butterfly and became one with the moment. Credit to that reverie can solely be placed at the door of this quite superb composition, one that will manifest any dream you wish, whether it be a vista in Bangkok or something closer to home.
Warsaw Nights is a really fascinating composition that you will need to visit many times over to grasp the true narrative of the arrangement and all the nuances thus contained within. After reading the information that came with the album, I could picture the wider scene, the decline of the Soviet Empire and once this darkness left, the courage of the people to continue to move onward and into the light of new possibilities, the performance on Warsaw Nights sums that up perfectly.
The title track is now upon us, that ever so special canvas that the artist can draw for us on and describe in music the overview of the entire project. Global Skies, the track has a real sense of movement for me, one could with ease depict new beginnings and unfettered pathways that can now be walked with a certain freedom of spirit. I found this piece most liberating and empowering.
A few hundred miles to my left lays Jerusalem, and within the piece Jerusalem Dreamings, a similar energy of light as we get here in Cyprus can be found, the sun is dominant, but also very healing and that musical panacea is something that I find so alluring in this composition as well. To be honest, I loved this arrangement and I found its melody and tempo so deeply moving and beautiful, and on this gloriously sunny day, it brought me such a depth of peace that was simply blissful.
The penultimate offering on Global Skies is Geneva Moonlight Rainbow (Reprise), at fourteen minutes plus this is also by far the longest composition off the album, and gifts us, and the musician, a long form moment within which to reflect once more on what might have been. There have also been moments on my travels that I really never wanted to end, I never wanted to leave, but through honesty and clarity, you could tell your time, that moment had been done.
Our last stop in our musical expedition with Timothy Cooper comes in the guise of a track called The Light After. One feels that this is that all hallowed place of sanctuary that we all seek, a light in the darkness that we wish to head towards. I found this once more very empowering, this could easily be an anthem for a new world, you know, the one where we see each other as equals and allow ourselves to bathe in respect and harmony. Performance wise, that march into the light seems to have been victorious at around the three and a half minute mark, as Cooper plays a upbeat narrative till the end that has a lush and wonderful sense of happiness and success built into its construction ,and what a splendid way to end the release.
Timothy Cooper and Global Skies is an album that raises the spirits and offers moments of reflection to be taken, it is an album that has power, intensity and passion, but also a layer of sensitivity that must not be missed. Global Skies gives us that ever eager listener time to sample the beauty of our planet through the piano, and perhaps, just perhaps, an opportunity to see the light and choose peace through music.
Rating: Excellent
Global Skies by Timothy Cooper
- posted by Lillian on 11/29/2017

Pianist Timothy Cooper believes in our planet and the people on it. He believes in peace, compassion and understanding. He works tirelessly trying to construct a better world. His day job links corporations and governments together to help citizens in need or in danger. Those travels, the people he meets and his adventures influenced the music on his new album, appropriately-titled GLOBAL SKIES. We all share the same skies (and ozone layer!).

As he races from country to country, Timothy Cooper gets musical inspiration that he turns into piano pieces. Want to know what places touched his musical soul? Just check out the tune titles: SINGAPORE SUNRISE, PRAGUE HORIZONS, GENEVA MOONLIGHT RAINBOW, BANGKOK RAINS, WARSAW NIGHTS and JERUSALEM DREAMINGS.

Cooper plays the piano forcefully (but with quieter passages mixed in) demonstrating his passion, concern, hope and strong beliefs that the efforts of humankind (including creating music) can make a difference in turning our planet into a better, safer and sustainable environment. Listen and believe.
Rating: Excellent
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