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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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The Sounds of Sirius
By Lia Scallon
Label: Sounds of Sirius
Released 3/16/2010
The Sounds of Sirius tracks
1. The First Little Angels on Earth: Lullaby of Love
2. The First Little Angels on Earth: Part lullaby, part storytelling, part meditation
3. Breath of Life
4. Diamond Light Meditation for Women
5. Starsong
6. Song of Love for the Animals: Prologue
7. Song of Love for the Animals: A song of love for animal guardians and their pets
8. Song of the Earth
9. Diamong Light Meditation for Men
Beyond Words
Lia Scallon is a healing artist the transforms words and sounds into music. She uses a language that is unintelligible to mortal ears, but perhaps they are more understandable to the attuned soul. After listening to her latest release The Sounds of Sirius Compilation repeatedly, I thought that maybe she had learned and commanded the "Elvish" tongue. No surprise that she knows Cate Blanchette. Her music certainly has a mystical quality to it that is neither Eastern, nor Western. The sound is sweet, gentle and sometimes mesmerizing. The album has chants, songs and spoken stories and all of the tunes are from previously release albums in her Sounds of Sirius series.

The first track, Lullaby of Love is a very absorbing introduction to Lia's music. Her voice is very soothing and the song is akin to listening to Tibetan chant at times and Throat Music at other times. The contradiction of styles is surprising, yet acceptable. It is a mental palate cleanser for what is to come. The next track is from her eponymous album, The First Little Angels on Earth. The spoken track is a children's story full of warmth and imagination. It is not the Christian concept of angels, but there are always alternatives to be considered. How the earth became the angel's playground is explained in the narrative.

Breath of Life is a combination of soft droning music, gongs and a whispery language of spontaneous sounds. It is the sound of the birth of the cosmos combined with the hatching of the first dragonfly on earth and the first cry of humankind on the newly formed planet. It is the uttered sound of creation at its most primal phase.

I have not heard the sound since Star Trek's The Voyage Home, but the all too eerie whale song is most prominent in Lia's tune Starsong. The haunting sound is a reminder that we share this earth with other prescient beings other than ourselves. We may have not learned the proper language until now. Song of Love for the Animals is more of a tone poem than anything else. It is simplistic in nature, but spatially soothing.

Song of Earth, with its quiet cadence and soft melody is my favorite on Song of Sirius. Soft chanting and spoken sounds blend harmoniously into a pleasing ballad-like rendition that is otherworldly. It is hard to believe that any terrestrial being would not respond to this sacred sighing. I barely noticed that the music segued into Diamond Light Meditation for Men, but the singing woke me from my reverie. Lia calls it channeled music and it directs the listener to a place inside where peace and harmony can be had to the price of merely concentrating and relaxing.

Lia Scallon was born and raised in Northern Ireland and was an actress long before she was a musician. Her journey took her around the world to Port Douglas, Australia where her acting career put her in company of such luminaries as Cate Blanchette, Liam Neeson, Glenn Close and Frances McDormand. Acting did not hold her attention for very long, but the calling of music during her spiritual journey did. She began her Sounds of Sirius album in 2002 and there are seven albums to the collection. After all is said and heard, I still think it is Elvish.
Rating: Good   Good
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 5/17/2010
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