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The Sounding Board by R J Lannan
RJ Lannan is the reviewer for The Sounding Board.
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Let There Be Light
By Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer
Label: Heart Dance Records
Released 11/17/2017
Let There Be Light tracks
1. The Way of the White Clouds
2. First Light
3. Timeless Journey
4. Full Moon Night
5. A Celebration of Life
6. Sacred Grounds
7. Waves of Light
8. Tides of Time
9. A Deeper Light
Spirit and Space
It was one of those most pleasant surprises. The combination of intricate keyboard and ethereal flute on nine tracks of ambient adventures that were enthralling. Such is the new release by Tom Moore and Sherry Finzer called Let There Be Light. Think of it as space traveler meets up with earth bound wraith and they decide to make music. The sound is meditative and otherworldly at the same time. Or maybe it's just magic.

The recording starts out with an evanescent aural undertaking called The Way of the White Clouds. The music tiptoes stealthily into your mind and settles there until you feel the misty whiteness and experience the way the clouds dissolve by an unseen force. Then it is full cycle as the smoky ether coalesces once more.

It begins with a muted glow. Then Moore's drone and inorganic chorus suggest the first vestiges of incandescence coming from the edge of a tilting planet. Finzer's flue breathes life into the daytime, creating the juxtaposition of light and shadow that will define the day. That is what First Light sounds like to me. The tune is earthy, enthralling, and harmonious. With a clap of thunder the tune A Celebration of Life begins. The music becomes a heartbeat for the planet, the flute is the blood flowing through it all. The sound is rhythmic and mesmerizing. There is no need for fire because the fire is within.

We know that the tides of the earth are affected by the pull of the moon. That miraculous ebb and flow is transformed into music on the tune Full Moon Night. Tom's moody bass and dynamic guitar plays counterpoint to Sherry's sculptural flute rendition. You can imagine clouds covering the silver disk, then dissipating and the earth is covered in that eerie blue light. The waves lap the shore like fingers reaching for a hold on the earth.

I listened to Sacred Ground with rapt attention. The background enveloped me with a medium tempo and the ticking of an unearthly clock. The rhythm was spellbinding. The flute appeared and became the rain falling on the earth, nurturing, nourishing, life giving. When it was over, I realized that not all sacred ground is made of a place covered in dirt and rock. Sometimes it is within, made up of courage, emotion, and spirit.

Tides of Time featured Sherry playing an extraordinary curved white flute. The deep resonance of that instrument was like the breathing of the planet. The breathing pushed at unseen oceans which persuades waves of sound to roll in the distance. The waves circled the earth over and over again. It was easy to lose yourself in this music. The album concludes with the mystical tune A Deeper Light. The swirling, vaporous soundscape is all encompassing with its thunderous framework and Zen-like chimes. There are tiny rifts of sound giving it texture as the throaty echo of the flute becomes a cloak of breath-driven atmosphere. There is a confluence of energies and a discovery of the inner self. The Deeper Light.

Tom Moore is a multi-instrumentalist known for his ambient space music found in planetariums and many other venues, but his foundations are built from the weightless blocks of the consciousness of self. His New Age music is a popular source for meditation and other introspective practices. Sherry Finzer is an award winning flautist, music producer, and a much in demand accompanist. She began her own label, Heart Dance records in 2009 and she has more than a dozen albums to her credit.
Rating: Very Good +   Very Good +
- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 5/30/2018
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