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New Age CD Reviews By Diane Garris
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Geodepedie: Hidden Light
By Christina Tourin
Geodepedie: Hidden Light tracks
1. Hidden Light
2. Music IS Love
3. Passacaglia – Handel’s Healing Harp
4. Brigid’s Green Mantle
5. Land O’ The Leal
6. Early One Morning
7. Walk Through The Sunflowers
8. Reminisce
9. Sommarpsalm
10. Icelandic Northern Lights
11. Morning Mood
12. Largo – Vivaldi’s Vision
13. Arigatou, I For You
14. Amethyst of Avalon
15. As Above, So Below
16. Colors Of The Seasons
Geodepédie - Hidden Light by Christina Tourin
I think we can all agree there is something truly magical about a harp. And, if you are familiar, we can probably agree there is something special about geodes as well, with their shiny, sparkly, hidden crystalline light emerging when you open them up. One of Christina’s goals with this album – her first since 2010 (“Iona Inspirations”) – was for the music to “create a place to find the center of one’s being, allowing each listener to let go of tension and rise into the cumulus of their own imagination.” Much like the properties of those special treasures called geodes, she succeeds with this goal. The music is ultra-relaxing, centering, uplifting, and effortlessly therapeutic.

Christina is one of the world’s most renowned harp educators. She founded the International Harp Therapy Program, which has training centers in multiple countries and languages with Therapeutic Harp Practitioners from 32 countries serving on five continents. That’s amazing.

The harp has been in Christina’s life for many generations. Her childhood was immersed in music from birth and then all through her formative years, starting with her mother playing Ravel and Debussy on a shining gold harp.

Trained in performance both at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, and at McGill University in Montreal, Christina’s fascinating musical life has taken her around the world from Japan to Ireland, where she’s brought the magical music of the harp to many, including blind children. She also served as a trained music therapist at the Blind Institute of San Diego. In addition, she performed for 17 years for the Von Trapp Family at their Austrian Chalet Lodge in Vermont, and has accompanied chorales, performed with symphonies, and has been part of many ensembles in off-Broadway theatres. Christina says, “Expressing through music is not what I do, it’s who I am.” Christina also says the way she lives is “as above, so below.” We can definitely see and feel that through her music.

Now, let’s get to this heavenly music which underscores the whole point of “as above, so below.” A host of stellar musicians join Christina on this musical journey. Besides Christina on harp, we have Peter Sprague (guitar/synth), David Eastoe (synth), Suzanne Doucet (synth), Buvana Gerlach (vocals), and Lies Joosten (harp, track 1).
The album opens with the title track, which brings an immediate and exquisite sense of “opening,” peace, and tranquility. Following is the perfectly lovely, yet brief, “Music is Love,” which speaks to the universal language we all carry in our hearts. Melodic and flowing, this is one to truly love.

One of my ultimate favorites on this 16-track album – which is an almost impossible choice, because you will undoubtedly want to get the whole thing – is “Land O’ The Leal.” Ethereal, wordless vocals along with the stunningly beautiful harp, soothe the soul from the very first notes. From the liner notes, we discover this is a traditional Scottish tune, often played by therapeutic musicians in hospice settings. Apparently, “the word ‘Leal’ refers to the qualities of loyalty and virtue but has also taken on the meaning of ‘Heaven.’” No matter what the setting or circumstance, this is beyond heavenly. Magnificent.

Equally as serene is, “Walk Through The Sunflowers,” which gently brings a sense of hope and sanguinity. “Morning Mood” is also brimming with optimism. This is so enchanting I wish it were a bit longer, but this light-filled tune is a great way to start the day.

Another favorite is “Amethyst of Avalon.” Gorgeous wordless vocals wrap around the perfectly played harp, bringing immediate relief from any stress, and transporting you to a place of total peace. This piece perfectly captures all the colors and hues of the magnificent geode, bringing that special, healing, crystal light right into our heart space.

“As Above, So Below” is atmospheric and mysterious, and a perfect reflection of “Heaven on Earth.” This reminds us to contemplate our existence and all the wonders of life. This is so beautiful in every way, as well as being completely relaxing.
This outstanding album closes out with the melodic, gently flowing, “Colors of the Season,” which invites us to remember our "connectedness" and oneness in all. It’s full circle. Upon listening, you will find yourself bathed in love and filled with light. It’s the perfect close to a perfect, highly vibrating album, where the light is gently sparkling, healing, not so hidden, and astoundingly beautiful in every facet.

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Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Dyan Garris on 3/7/2023
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