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New Age CD Reviews By Diane Garris
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Celtic Fairy Dream
By 2002
Label: Real Music
Released 4/24/2020
Celtic Fairy Dream tracks
1. Castle of Dromore
2. The Green Fields of Autumn
3. Lullaby
4. South Wind
5. David of the White Rock
6. Close Your Eyes
7. She Moved Through the Fair
8. Genevieve's Waltz
9. Little Bird
10. Across the Waves
Celtic Fairy Dream by 2002
Yes, I think we can all agree, it’s the perfect time to escape into a dream. Indeed. So, let’s go. The 20th album by the Billboard charting group, 2002, “Celtic Fairy Dream,” is a dream come true for anyone needing to embrace peace, tranquility, and solace.

One of the world's premier New Age music ensembles, 2002 has a sizeable worldwide audience. While husband and wife Randy and Pamela Copus have produced many albums as a duo, their last few releases have featured their daughter, Sarah, who is truly a rising star as a lead vocalist. The young Sarah is a blossoming star, with a voice at the very least 10 times better than Enya’s already, and getting better. There is no other way to describe it. It’s true. I believe she is like an eternally blossoming red rose in our hearts. What is here is so beautiful and fresh, but there is so much more to come. What we have here is just the beginning.

The album opens with “Castle of Dromore,” which is a 5-minute Irish lullaby with lyrics by Sir Harold Boulton and published in 1892. “Take time to thrive my rose of hope. . .in the garden of Dromore.” Here, I feel we are literally watching a flower blossom. How magical and special. Yes.

Following is “The Green Fields of Autumn” (Coinleach Glas an Fhomhair). This is a traditional song popularized by Irish supergroup, Clannad. Sarah’s vocal, which I believe is in Gaelic, is amazing and ever so calming here in any language. Here we have exquisite harp, exquisite musical underlay, and that unbelievably authentic, from-the-heart voice that seeps deeply into our heart space and brings us an unimaginable calm. So, so soothing.

“Lullaby” (Suantrai) is the quintessential traditional Irish lullaby. Here, Mother Mary sings to her new-born son. If you don’t zone out with this, I think there is nothing that will ever help you zone out. So very beautiful and soul-soothing.

“South Wind” is a wonderful, melodic instrumental that brings instant tranquility to the soul. Love the gentle, yet cinematic feel here, and the harp is magical and ever so calming to the spirit.

“David of the White Rock” (Dafydd y Garreg Wen), is a traditional Welsh song, composed by David Owen, circa 1749, and is one that gives us an uplifting feeling. Apparently, David said he had heard the voice of an angel and he called for his harp in order to play one last tune before going home to Heaven. Here, he also asks for God’s blessing for his wife and children. Poignant, this is completely soul-stirring on so many levels. Love, love, love this.

A favorite on the album is “Close Your Eyes” (Dún do Shúil). This traditional Irish lullaby can be found in The Forde Collection (Old Irish Folk Music and Songs, P.W. Joyce, 1909, in the Dublin Traditional Music Archives). So now, close your eyes and feel the peace seep deeply into your soul. There is nothing else to do. Nothing. This is outstanding.

“She Moved Through the Fair” is a traditional Irish folk song was first collected in Donegal by poet Padraic Colum (1881-1972), and also by musicologist Herbert Hughes (1882-1937). This I s another astoundingly beautiful and magical song about true love, but that true love basically walking away. . .at least for now. Hope springs eternal for true love, does it not? This is beautiful beyond beautiful.

“Genevieve’s Waltz” is a lovely instrumental that calms the heart with its melodic presence. I just love everything about this. It brings balance and harmony to every nook and cranny of the weary heart. Let’s dance a satisfying dance. Excellent.

“Little Bird” (Éiníní), is an atmospheric, traditional Irish lullaby listing all the little birds that are going to sleep. This one will definitely help you sleep if you’re having trouble there. So beautiful. So. Let’s all sleep now. In peace.

The album closes out with “Across the Waves” (Trasna na dTonnta), which is a traditional Irish song about a joyful traveler returning home to Ireland. Ready to go? Let’s go.

“Celtic Fairy Dream by 2002, is peace, sleep, tranquility, and complete serenity of soul. Nothing better.

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Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Dyan Garris on 5/30/2020
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