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New Age CD Reviews By Diane Garris
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Double Helix
By Peter Manning Robinson
Label: Heart Dance Records
Released 9/25/2020
Double Helix tracks
1. Surfing the Sunrise
2. Secret Sauce
3. Moon Vines
4. Fugitive Heart
5. Catch Your Breath
6. Dark Moon
7. Invisible Highway
8. Emergence
9. Labyrinth of Petals
10. Fresh Light
11. Enigma
12. Swimming with Ghosts
13. Undying Spirit
14. River of Mirrors
15. Sweet Shadows
16. Inside Out
Peter Manning Robinson - Double Helix
“Double Helix” is like a full body, mind, spirit integration without effort. Transformational, artistic genius. – Dyan Garris

And now for something completely different. . .
“Double Helix” by Peter Manning Robinson is the debut double CD album from this gifted Emmy and BMI award-winning composer and pianist. Peter is the inventor of The Refractor Piano™ and a new style of music called “Refracted Music.” To create this unique music, Peter uses only an acoustic piano that is “refracted” during his performances.

The Refractor Piano™ is a co-creation with his friend, director and filmmaker, Klaus Hoch, and is the culmination of Peter’s lifelong work and experimentation with alternative forms of musical instruments.

There is an interesting story of The Refractor Piano™ on Peter’s website, (direct link:, and is worth delving into. Essentially, “transducers attached to the piano allow the instrument to become ‘refracted’ live through a series of software and hardware chambers and channels. There are no pre-recorded tracks, synths, virtual instruments or triggered samples, just an acoustic piano. Peter then creates ‘environments’ or the unique alga-rhythms [sic] and sonic pathways that give each piece its distinct signature. He then controls the flow with pedals and the acoustic piano itself.”

“Double Helix,” the 2-disc set, represents 2 intertwined strands of DNA. The two different strands are “aspects of the same musical voice.” The first disc is 8 tracks of “refracted” music created live on a “Refracted” Steinway piano, produced by Klaus Hoch. Disc 2 is ultra-relaxing solo piano produced by Peter Manning Robinson.

Disc 1 begins with “Surfing The Sunrise,” which is musically interesting and full of movement and wonderful sounds. Following is “Secret Sauce.” This is very cool. Listen with headphones for the full experience. “Moon Vines” transports us to a whole different reality. Underneath is a classical piano structure and a jazzy feel.

“Fugitive Heart,” is equally as interesting, and again, one for the headphones to get the full effect and all brilliant nuances. One of my favorites on disc 1 is “Catch Your Breath.” The movement and timing are wonderful. “Dark Moon” is another favorite, which for some reason made me smile. There is a lot of light inside that “darkness.” Again, super cool. I found “Invisible Highway” and
“Emergence” very engaging, as well as intriguing. The whole thing is intriguing and worth exploring.

Disc 2 moves into the other intertwined “strand,” which is more traditional solo piano, but some of the most beautiful solo piano you’ll ever hear. This disc opens with the lovely, calming, “Labyrinth of Petals. Deeply gorgeous. “Fresh Light” is fun solo piano with an upbeat feel. Perfectly paced and perfectly played. A favorite on this disc is the sultry, somewhat jazzy, “Enigma.” Just magnificent and completely relaxing. Love this one.

Exquisite movement in “Swimming With Ghosts” moves us along with the flow. Expert, precision piano playing that shines through. Masterful, truly. This is a great composition.

“Undying Spirit” is flowing, gentle, and relaxing. This is very pretty and heartfelt, played with a supreme velvety touch. It’s another favorite. “River of Mirrors” is flowing, as one might expect from the title, however, if you know anything about composition, you will recognize the genius of this one.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, we come upon “Sweet Shadows.” This is incredibly beautiful, and if I have to pick an ultimate favorite, this is it. It’s one of those pieces that takes your breath away. This disc closes out with “Inside Out,” which is also stunningly beautiful, flowing, and masterfully composed and played.

“Double Helix” is like a full body, mind, spirit integration without effort. Transformational, artistic genius.

Available as a physical CD as well as available on all streaming platforms. Release date, September 25, 2020.

Artist website:

All Music Composed and Performed by Peter Manning Robinson.
All Refractor Piano™ music is created and performed by Peter with his invention The Refractor Piano™. All the sounds you hear are created live with a "Refracted acoustic Steinway piano.
The Solo Piano "Transformational Exploration" are created by Peter on an "unrefracted" piano.
To see videos of Peter performing the Refractor Piano™ and to contact:
For a list of Film & Television credits please go to IMDB
For Media and Publicity:
Produced by Klaus Hoch and Peter Manning Robinson
Photography & Design by Klaus Hoch
Recorded in Los Angeles at Image Music Studios

Sherry Finzer
Higher Level Media

Rating: Very Good +   Very Good +
- reviewed by Dyan Garris on 9/27/2020
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