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As We Imagine
By Lisa Pressman
Label: Opus Fromus
Released 5/7/2019
As We Imagine tracks
1. As We Imagine   
2. Amber Waves   
3. Atmosphere of Love   
4. Far Away Dreams   
5. Sea of Tranquility   
6. Still Small Voice   
7. Voyage Home   
8. Sheltering Wings   
9. Hidden Treasure   
10. At First Light   
Gently melodic and comfortingly serene
Lisa Pressman’s fifth studio album titled As We Imagine was written and co-produced by herself and Tim Ponzek. Performed on a 7' Bösendorfer Concert Grand Piano, the album is comprised of ten gently melodic and comfortingly serene arrangements that are beautifully immersed in Pressman’s celestial vocal washes and Ponzek’s enveloping synth orchestrations. Softly shaped by suspended gossamer chords that subtly shift in color and tone throughout, As We Imagine fits the classic “new age” music mold while also sounding refreshingly up-to-date. A perfect accompaniment for massage, acupuncture and other healing arts, this album is certain to lift your spirits while simultaneously calming the senses!
- reviewed by Candice Michelle on 7/8/2019
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