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    News & Notes
  • And The Winners Are: The winners of the ZMR 2014 Music Awards, as awarded in New Orleans on May 17, 2014.have been posted. Congratulations to all the Finalists! To view the Winners click here.
  • Congratulations Jeff Oster! His CD Next placed Number One on the June 2015 Top 100 Chart.
  • RJ Lannan's latest CD reviews from The Sounding Board:

    Spiritus by David Wahler
    Seasons of the Heart by Reneé Michele
    Love by Peter Kater
    Experiences by Ryan Michael Richards
    Hvel by Arstiidir
    Another Time, Another Place by Robin Spielberg
    22 Piano Tales by Gayla
    The Emotive Leaf by Nathan Speir
  • Bill Binkelman's latest CD reviews from Binkelman's Corner:

    Heart of Silence by Peter Kater & Michael Brant DeMaria
    Fire In The Rainstorm by Kori Linae Carothers
    Another Time, Another Place by Robin Spielberg
    Signature - Solo by Fiona Joy
    Next by Jeff Oster
    Forever Christmas by David Lanz & Kristin Amarie
    With Evening Above by Jeff Pearce
  • Latest reviews by NewAgeMusicReviews

    Mind Heart Fingers by Trevor Gordon Hall
    MOKSHA by Ray Spiegel Ensemble
    Language Of The Soul by Steven Vitali
    Passionata by Denice Young
    Inner Circle by Peter Calandra
    Closer by Louis Colaiannia
  • Both Sides Now! RJ Lannan and Bill Binkelman have agreed to go one-on-one in our latest review board Both Sides Now Their contrast in style should make for some interesting reading. Thier latest reviews are:

    Wings II: Return To Freedom by 2002
    Forgiving Dreams by Damon Buxton
    Renaissance of Grace by Aurora Juliana Ariel
    Love Is Everythimg by Fumosonic
  • Due to the overwhelming demand for CD reviews, we have initiated a CD Review Policy. Click here to read.
  • Featured Recording Advertising Info
    Signature - Solo
    Fiona Joy

    Fiona Joy's name is known to many thanks to her award-winning recordings, yet Signature - Solo is her first solo piano release.

    "Fiona's music is a cross between George Winston's simple melodies and Ludovico Einaudi's musical sophistication. Her masterful performances are the perfect music to showcase the kind of clarity our audiophile recordings bring to the home listener"
    - Producer, Cookie Marenco, Tiny Island Music (Blue Coast Records).

    Last year Fiona Joy signed to the Blue Coast Music Group, as Marenco has partnered with Sony Music to deliver hi-resolution music to discerning audiophile consumers. Signature - Solo has been recorded now in almost every resolution from double DSD to CD and finally mp3. "Every nuance is captured as Fiona performs on an impeccably-restored 1885 Steinway piano in a live performance setting," says Cookie.

    Writer Lawrence Devoe (Blu-rayDefinition) wrote, "I heard echoes of George Winston in some of the tracks like 'Ceremony', and reminiscences of Michael Nyman's minimalist piano works in ''Fair Not', but Fiona Joy really brings her own voice that will take listeners deep into the heart of her contemporary music. The alternative version of 'Once Upon Impossible', an ethereal voice-piano duet with guitarist Lawrence Blatt, lets us see the other side of the artist."

    Concert reviewer Michael Diamond, who attended Fiona Joy's 2014 Throckmorton Theatre concert in San Francisco commented "What I appreciated most was being able to listen and watch Fiona at the piano. The passion and elegance in her performance was breathtaking, as her flawless technique combined with pure emotional expression."

    "Fiona Joy's piano playing can not only stand on its own, but is a delightful feast for the ears, full of emotion, resplendent with artistry and technique, and draped in a myriad of emotions that comes through on each and every note and chord. It's sure to be one of the best piano recordings of this year.. "
    - Bill Binkelman - ZoneMusicReporter

    Radio: Ed Bonk & Stacy Bonk - Lazz Promotions
    PR: Beth Hilton - The B Company
    (310) 560-8390.

    Additional Featured Recordings
    Secret Formula Records
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